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Latest news

08 March 2016 21:38

5/8/16. Askadora and Queretta took part in their last prep show before Addington. On 3/8 they jumped a newcomers at Pyecombe .Queretta had a very nice 0 and 4 in the jump off. Askadora had one down in the first round in what was a rather boring round ,the mare didnt seem to make much of an effort. The next day ,both mares went in the foxhuners,which was the size jumps they would be facing soon at Addington. Queretta i must admit did struggle a bit and finished on 8 faults. Askadora however had a brilliant round and finished with one down ,the middle element of the tripple. Both horses will now have one more training round at Coombelands next week and then will be off to Addington on the 18th.

19/5/16. The spring/summer season is well under way now at the AFRC. All our horses are looking and riding very well.We have 2 new horses at the AFRC, Madge who has now joined the herd and is already riding very well.She is a beautifull coloured cob mare,about 15 hh,12yo and a bit on the portly side,but looks to be a nice, safe,steady ride who will give our clients a nice enjoyable ride.We also have Nancy ,another nice coloured mare who came yesterday on a 2 week trial.

Show wise ,we have the Horley Lions horse show coming up at Felbridge where the AFRC will take part with several junior and adult riders.We are all getting very excited about this show.A special mention to Lilya,Eloise,Izzy,Emma and Tasia who have really improved their riding and are now getting regular good placings at the shows they take part.

Our young rider ,Alice Cox now has a new horse called Bobby,another very nice coloured cob.We wish her the best of luck.

Talking about coloured cobs,we are confident that we now have at the AFRC some of the nicest coloured cobs around and we are very proud of them.

Latest news from the Anderida show jumpers. An extension to the present agreement has now been reached with Sarah Travis regarding Diablo.Sarah has done an excellent work producing Diablo so far.Over the period of January – April 16, Sarah and Diablo took part in a few shows doing better and better, now jumping double clears in Discovery classes .Diablo is now having a short break from jumping and will resume his training in mid june ,the target being the 5yo classes at the Hickstead july meeing ,the Addington young horse championship in august and the Hickstead young horse championship in september. Regarding Querettta and Askadora ,they rejoined Henry’s yard in the beginning of april. They have only done one show so far at Pyecombe where Q had a double clear in the discovery and A had 2 down.Early days yet but the plan is the same as Diablo’s. Once again ,a big thank you to Sarah Hall who did such a great job working the horses on the flat while they were home at the AFRC.

Finally a final word to thank Esther Warren for her help so far .Esther has now  joined our team of instructors at the AFRC and is available for hacks or lessons.She is also very popular with our liveries and is always willing and keen to help in any way she can.Thank you Esther very much.


8/1/16.It is with great sadness that the AFRC would like to announce the loss of our amazing mare Cambretta.The mare died at 1130 am on Tuesday the 1st  March 2016. All of us at the AFRC knew that the end was near as her body was giving up on her. Mentally the mare was still very active and happy but physically she could not carry on.We were worried we would loose her back in October 15, but the unexpected arrival  of Gertie’s foal Geronimo gave her a short new lease on life and she spent her last 5 months or so being a nanny to Geronimo.The amazing thing was that GC and i went  away for a few days to Hellas,coming back Monday night.When i came to the yard on Tuesday morning,once i gave her her breakfast ,she looked at me and i knew the end was near .She just lied down ,i held her head in my arms and soon after she was gone.What a star she was ,to wait for me to come back.

Cambretta’s story began in 20/5/1992.She was  bred by Mr H.W Ritters ,one of the most prominent breeders of the Holstein breed in Germany.Among others ,Mr Ritters bred Classic Touch ,winner of 1992 individual  Olympic final,Kathleen and Carlo, grand prix winners with Nick Skelton.

Cambretta trully was bred in the purple.Her sire was Campione (full brother to Classic Touch ) and her mothers father was no other than the Holstein chef de race ,Landgraf I,one of the most important foundation stallions of the Holstein breed. Cambretta was bought by the Anderida stud in November 1995,at the November auction of the Holstein breed for Dm 32000. As a 4yo she was put in foal to  Animo ,and produced the best Anderida bred show jumper to date ,Anica. Cambretta started her competition career on 16/11/97 ,ridden by one of the best ever producers of showjumpers in the UK,Brian Lear.Her first show was at Crockstead and i remember fondly how she unceremoniously deposited Mr Lear in the collecting ring at the sound of the starting hooter.However she quickly redeemed herself by having 2 double clears and being placed in both her classes that day.Her last ever show was at Royal Leisure,on 30/10/99. During her short but successful career,she reached a 1,35 level ,winning £429 prize money and wiining several good classes. She was only ridden by Brian Lear and then Jane Annett. There is no question that Cambretta was not destined for the competition ring.Although she had a great jumping style,she was lazy and very ” cold “.Both her riders found her very hard work and not a pleasure to ride over jumps. Cambretta’s motto in life was,why doing something today when one can do it tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon her retirement from the ring,Cambretta embarked with great enthousiasm and zest to one of her great pleasures in life,PROCREATING.And boy was she fertile. Just the sight or scent of  a stallion was enough to get her in foal. I do remember vividly ,as lazy as she was when she came to being ridden,she became very,VERY lively at the sight of two big cohonnes dangling between the back legs of her chosen mate.

In all Cambretta produced:

1997 Anderida Anica (By Animo )

2001 Anderida Casanova (by Renkum Valentino )

2003 Anderida Commanche (by Randi )

2005 Anderida Charleston ( by Lauriston ) +

2007 Anderida Icaros ( by Almiro G )

2011 Anderida Diablo ( by Diamant de Semilly via embryo transplant ) and Anderida Queretta ( by Quebracho de Semilly ).

Cambretta’s legacy will continue at the stud through her daughter Queretta and her grand daughter Aniston, who both carry her very valuable bloodlines.

Cambretta was used a lot at the riding school ,both a a schoolmistress and for hacks on the forest.She taught so many people how to ride. Upon announcing her death, both GC and i were really overwhelmed at the huge number of very touching messages through social media,from so many people that knew and rode Cambretta over so many years. Sadly we were also very disappointed ,that a couple of people who recently had a lot of interaction with the mare ,chose to stay silent.Never mind ,there is always one or two in every aspect of life  who…………………………………….!

Farewell Cambretta ,you filled our horsy life with so much joy and pleasure.i /we will never forget you. Go aux paradis des chevaux and join your friends,Wideawake,Courtfield,Mr Bunce,Cosmopolitan .