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Coombelands results! 2/5/16

14 May 2016 21:39

18/7/16. We are now well and trully at the height of the summer season and finally some great weather too!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of news to tell you. From the Anderida stud, we have the very exciting recent results of Askadora and Queretta at Pyecombe(read the main page). Diablo’s results have not been so good, there is not enough harmony and balance between horse and rider. Sadly as always with the professional riders ,its always the horses fault and very very seldom their own, but in Diablos case ,i DO NOT accept this . My 40 years experience in showjumping allows me to see and judge whats happening between horse and rider. I hope results improve soon, but either way i will give Diablo the best help i can so he can show his true talent and capabilities. On the breeding front, i am very excited to say that Anderida Aniston has now been scanned in foal to the very talented Brendon stud stallion Fabrice van de Overis, who in turn is one of the best sons on the famous For Pleasure. Fabrice is currently competing very succesfully at a 3 star level ridden by Robert Whittaker.

On a negative note. our beautifull mare Bluebell is now recovering from a freak accident sustained sometime between last wednesday night and thursday early am. BB broke the fence and got stuck in a very muddy ditch. The result was that we had to call the local fire and rescue who i must say were superb in helping BB .Using their specialist equipment, they hoisted BB out after a 2.5 hour effort, involving 11 rescue crew and our vet James, who as always did a fantastic job (thank you ever so much James ). Anyway BB is now recovering in a stable, nursing a badly injured eye and front leg. We hope she fully recovers and will keep everybody posted.

16/6/16. For the first time since i have been in the Uk and owning the AFRC ,i was asked if our horses would take part in the shoeing competition during the South of England show.So we did. I can not tell you how proud the horses made all of us at the AFRC. We took Hipo,Benny,Tara,Bluebell,Bernie,Jafa,Gertie,DJ and Betsy .They were there from 0900 to 1600 getting shod and all of them were impeccably behaved. Thank you all.

Also on that subject ,a great thank you to all the volunteers who gave up a whole day to be with our horses during the SoE show .Without them it would not have been possible.

8/6/16. Riding for people with special needs. The AFRC always offered riding for people with special needs .Recently however ,we have been able to increase this great service to the community due to the fact that we now have a good number of very special volunteers who are willing and keen to offer their help .To them i address a huge thank you. At present ,Barnardos,Hollyrood,The Mount and Nutley Hall, all come weekly at the AFRC so that their residents can enjoy the benefits of horse riding.Of course and as always ,i must thank our fantastic horses whose amazing temperament allows us to offer riding to people with special needs.

News from the Anderida jumpers.Diablo,Queretta and Askadora are all fit and well. Our first target of the season is the 5 yo classes at the July Pyecombe show.

We would like to say a big well done to everyone who took part in the recent Coombelands jumping show!! Everybody did extremely well considering the weather and the fact that it was a big spooky new place. Despite the horrible weather we all had a great time.

Now we are looking forward to our next show on the 29th where many of our young riders will be taking part.