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News update

19 June 2015 08:32

10/9/15. Great results from the recent Duckhurst show.All the AFRC junior riders rode very well and were placed. Special mention to Izzy who rode Betsy at her very first show and to Alice who has really improved tremendously and is now riding Frodo with great confidence.Well done both !!!

Sadly Minnies trial did not work out but instead we have a new 14hh mare called Tara who shows great promise and will be very popular for the pc and show events. We also have another mare on trial called Pinks who is a very big,heavy-boned mare. Our hugely experienced and talented dressage rider Sara Hall is presently riding during her trial.We hope to keep her as she would take a lot of pressure of poor Bingo and Jaffa who currently accommodate all the customers who tend to eat too much junk food and are on the portly side. We will keep you posted. Finally we now have 2 more horses licenced for the public to ride  ,Bluebell (Jaffa ‘s daughter) for our adult riders and Tiny For our very young riders.Photos to come soon.Both horses  are lovely to ride and will give our clients lots of joy and fun.

5/9/15. Anderida Diablo,Queretta and Askadora jumped at the 4yo class at the recent show at Hickstead. And what a pleasant surprise it was considering they had never jumped on grass before. All 3 young horses jumped lovely rounds and had 4 ,clear and 4 so they all qualified for the main ring. The next day all 3 horses went in the vast international arena and did very well.No stops ,no run outs,they all went round in a nice rythm and Henry felt they really benefited from the experience.Diablo had 3 down ,Askadora had 2 down and Queretta jumped the best but had the last fence down. The horses are back home now enjoying their holiday and will start hacking out beginning of November ,the plan being that they rejoin Henry’s yard in January. Speaking of Henry,many many congratulations for qualifying for the world young horse finals in Lanaken (BEL ),on his own homebred 6yo horse,good luck to him.



24/8/15. (continued from main page ). Askadora had a lovely clear round the first day,one fence down the 2nd day and three down in the final.Queretta had 8 faults the first day,a very nice clear the 2nd day and 8 faults again in the final.And Diablo had 4 ,4 and 8 in the consolation class . However it has to be noted that in the final the horses had to jump a newcomers height course (1.10 ) with plenty of related distances and difficult angles.The oxers were all square,so really the young horses were encouraged to have fences down not to jump clear rounds.But then again speaking to other owners /breeders during the show,the consensus was that as there was a lot of money at stake with the breeders fund premiums,the courses were built to suit the several horses from certain well known studs (ie organic fertilizer).Never mind we will see how the horses perform when they get older.

What was most pleasing again for Henry,GC and myself was the attitude and demeanor of the three horses.Competing at the vast international arena ,they went in and did their best.In a simple snaffle with no gadgets ,they went round and were a joy to watch. Having a clear ,one or many down should be irrelevant for 4 yo horses. These are the times i wish i could speak to my horses .If i could i would apologize,for asking them to perform at a level they were not ready to do so.And i admit that had i known the severity of the test they faced ,i would not have entered them to compete. In advanced horse breeding countries like France ,Belgium and Holland that we know of ,4 yo jumping horses are restricted to 10 shows a year,the courses are a simple figure of 8 with maximum height of 1.00 with one or 2 square oxers. No wonder they  consistently produce excellent jumping horses and England does not.

Next stop Hickstead for the 4 yo class ,on grass this time which should be interested as A,D and Q have never jumped on grass.And then a long deserved holiday back at the farm .




13/8/15. Very pleasing results from last weekends show at Pyecombe.Diablo ,Queretta and Askadora all competed at the British novice class on Friday where they all had one fence down in the first round and on Saturday they all took part in the 4yo class where again all three horses showed very well.Diablo had 1 down ,Askadora had 2 but Queretta had a double clear and came equal first.Again what was most pleasing ,was the overall presentation,attitude and style of all 3 horses in an arena they had never competed before.A special mention to Diablo who was really very good both days and showed great promise as his breeding suggests. The horses will now have a easy week before they head off to Addington for the Uk young horse championships .Henry ,GC and myself are confident that we will have a good show.

12/8/15. Unfortunate day at the AFRC. Our talented rider Blythe,had a mishap while leading her horse to the field, but luckily her visit to the A&E showed only a sprain and bruising. And yours trully sadly parted company with our new mare on trial,Minnie,while on a hack on the forest, but these things happen with horses! All of us that ride know very well that its not a case of if a rider will fall of a horse but rather when.



6/8/15. Its been very busy since the AFRC resumed normal operations.So many clients have come back to enjoy their ride and all customers ,old and new, have been so complimentary about our upgraded new facilities. Our horses all look great having had a long rest.The only drawback is the ground being so hard,which limits very much where we can have a nice canter on the forest.

Sadly a couple of our younger riders that had a share with the AFRC have now moved on to other yards.We wish Maisy and Georgia all the best ,it was nice seeing them improve their riding during their time at the AFRC. We have a new young rider Ellie starting a loan on Pie so we hope she will enjoy spending time at the AFRC.

Horse wise ,we have a new pony ,Minnie ,on trial.She is a great looking 14hh coloured mare with 2 fantastic looking blue eyes.We hope she stays with us ,she will be very popular with the teenage riders and small adults. Sadly Dylan will now be retired.He has been uncomfortable for a while with his arthritis and his owner Tracy has decided to retire him.Such a shame for such a young horse (10yo),but its the right decision.He will stay at the AFRC with his friends until we close the fields for the winter and then he will go to Tracy’s home.We are planning to have a farewell party for Dylan sometime in September as i am sure many of his regular riders would like to come and see him before he goes.

Anderida Cambretta.It is with great sadness that Genevieve and i have noticed that Cambretta is sadly reaching the end of her life.The great mare is slowly loosing her quality of life , her eyes are looking sad ,she is telling us she wants to go au paradis des chevaux. We will keep you posted but the end is near now.

On a happier note,Anderida Askadora did very well at the recent dressage show   at Badmington. Sarah Hall gave her a great ride and the mare showed herself very well against horses vastly  more experienced than her. Askadora has now joined Henry Turrell’s yard.

Even better news came when Diablo,Queretta and Askadora made the long journey to Addington to take part at their first BSJA show.And what a show we had.All 3 horses excelled coming equal first in their first class and then all going clear in the British novice class,where Queretta came 7th with a double clear,Askadora had one down and Diablo 2 down in the jump off. But over and above the results which are irrelevant really,its the overall demeanor,attitude and presentation of the horses that was most pleasing. All 3 horses went in the vast international ring and their style,technique and attitude over the jumps was a joy to watch. Henry had them in a simple snaffle bridle,no martingales ,no spurs and it all looked so pleasant to watch ,as showjumping young horses should be.Not like pretty much all the other competitors who were kicking,pushing and rushing the poor young horses ,often using spurs and very unkind bits.

Next show at Pyecombe this weekend where all 3 horses will be contesting the 4 yo class on Sat the 8th.We will keep you posted, but if you want their video’s ,go to you tube and put askadora at addington !




1/7/15. The AFRC would like to update the public on the situation regarding the recent outbreak of strangles.We have been having regular meetings with Ben Chilton, our great vet from Priors Farm,and we have decided to confine all the school horses in one field ,hoping that the infection will spread to all of them as quickly as possible.Although this course of action may seem cruel,its the best way to manage the condition.As we suspected,all of the older school horses,like Oscar,Piglet,Bingo,Jaffa,Bennie,Hipo,Picaso,DJ,Bernie,Polydora,Cambretta have shown no signs of infection,most probably because they have some degree of immunity having been exposed to the bacterium at some point in the past.That leaves only a few horses that have only been at the AFRC for not very long.Therefore the AFRC will remain close but we are hoping to reopen for the weekend of the 11 and 12th of July.We would like to remind everybody that strangles CAN NOT affect humans and only very,very rarely can it be life threatening to horses.Next update on this subject on the 8th of July,hopefully with good news.

On a more positive front,a very pleasant surprise awaits our clients when the AFRC reopens.We now have a brand new office and tack room,so we are really hoping to offer our clients the best riding experience possible.

More good news on the equine front! Our new mare ,Gertie who only recently joined us from Duckhurst farm,was unexpectably found to be in foal.And has now had a fantastic colt foal ,which we named Geronimo .Look out for the video and photos of mare and foal together.

Exciting news from the Anderida Stud. Diablo and Queretta are now at Henry Turrell’s yard in Shoreham.Henry is a very talented and succesfull showjumper,who has trained in the past with Robert Hoekstra and Albert Voorn in Holland. We are really excited about this new development .Anderida Askadora at the meantime has qualified for the Badmington young dressage championships on the 27th of July.Her training has been severely restricted recently due to the recent problem at the AFRC but we hope she will be able to compete.

A final word to say how gratefull i am to so many clients ,past and present who have offered their help and support during what certainly is the most difficult time after the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001,that the AFRC has had to face.Thank you guys ,thank you so much.A special mention to Karen,Sarah,Sue ,Chris and more so to Leslie and Tracy who have been really amazing on a daily basis in helping out every way the could and can.

And finally there is one person out there to whom i owe everything really.She has been and is an absolute gem.For the last 14 months now ,she has literally transformed my life and makes life so beautifull and enjoyable.And god knows how much greek organic fertilizer she has had to put up with.But together we will make the AFRC better than ever before and give every one of our customers ,a great riding experience.You are the sunshine in my life Genevieve and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.Se agapo  para poli,perisotero apo exthes ke ligotero apo avrio.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



19/06/15:  We would like to inform our dear customers that we are hopeful that the outbreak has now been contained.  The ponies affected are now recovering and we will be having a meeting with our vet during the middle of next week to discuss the situation in view of re-opening the AFRC as soon as possible.   Once again we are very sorry that we haven’t been able to enjoy this wonderful weather but sadly these things happen.

A very big thanks to everybody at the yard who has offered to help in any way they could.  All of us at the AFRC have been touched by the messages of support and understanding in what has been a very difficult situation.  So many customers have offered their help which has been very much appreciated.  Finally, we are extremely grateful to everybody at Priors Farm Equine Vets for their help, advice and support, especially to Ben Chilton who has gone over and above his duty to guide us through this crisis.  Thank you Ben (extra venison coming your way!!!!!)