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Thank you for your continuing support

31 December 2017 01:00

As 2017 comes to a close, i would like once again to sincerely thank all our loyal customers for their continuing support. 2017 was another record year for the AFRC and its all down to our wonderfull horses and ponies. Every single one of our horses was exceptional in its behaviour ,attitude and rideability. All our ponies and horses always try their best to please their rider, and all they want in return is a nice pat and a carrot.. So from all of us at the AFRC , the biggest thank you to our horses and ponies. 

I do sincerely believe that the reason that all our horses always do their best to please their rider is down to the fact that they are happy, plain and simply happy.The AFRC may not be the tidiest most impressive yard around but i have always since 1995 tried my best to keep my horses in a nice ,natural environment. and the AFRC's record speaks for itself from the safety point of view.

Sadly however ,the AFRC will from now slow down. We are now closed 2 weekdays a week and we will go down to a 4 day a week very soon. And this is only down to the fact that most of our loyal, hard working horses and ponies are now getting to the end of their working life. They have certainly earned a slower , much less taxing workload.  And they will have it.  The likes of Oscar, Piglet, Jafa, Bingo, Stefie, Benny, Hipo, Hugo, Pumpkin are now well into their very late teens or early 20's and they fully deserve to slow down. Their pension pot is very healthy so they can stay with me till mother nature decides the time has come.

I must say though that the fact that the AFRC will slow down a lot is very appealing. So much less to worry about , all the trivial day to day most boring and annoying issues like no shows, clients telling you they can ride when they don't even know how to get on a horse, people telling you they weigh 75 to 80 kilos only to find out when they come that even an elephant would be too small !!!!!!!. Thaknfully , the AFRC has such such a nice large number of loyal ,long standing customers who are always a pleasure to teach or take out on a hack.

It must also be said that out of the 4 instructors at the AFRC,  3 of us have gone or are going to seed and we must slow down . Life is to be enjoyed , to have fun and enjoy good times with our family and friends. None of us can beat nature and to ride 3, 4 hours a day  plus teaching, 5 or 6 days a week is not possible or enjoyable  anymore.  We must all realize that , otherwise we will end up having a riding accident ,or looking decrepid  and behaving in a a grumpy ,unpleasant way because our knees, backs and most other joints in our bodies hurt . No thanks, not anymore.

Once again, my deepest thanks to our vets at Priors Farm Vets, our farrier Randall Leigh, forage supplier Mark Peters ,Sue and David Jones at Duckhurst  farm for finding us most or our fantastic horses and ponies and finally John Smith  who looks after the AFRC's  infrastrucure . Without all of you guys there would be no AFRC

And finally a huge thanks to Tracy without whom FOR SURE , there would be no AFRC.

Last but not least ,i must say thank you to GC { soon to be GLP }.  Your love , support and understanding is what keeps me going ! Nothing else matters { as they great METTALICA say }